[STUDY] Changmin 1/?

Changmin – Tohoshinki
Clip Art | iPad | iPencil


The other day, I received my result from the JLPT exam. As expected, I didn’t pass the N3 level. It wasn’t surprising but I still felt down seeing the failed word so I decided to cheer myself up by going to the karaoke.

And it was effective! I was given a big room all to myself and the television was huge and in 4k. Of course I sang some Tohoshinki songs. When Reboot played, I was stunned. It was my first time seeing the PV and I was amazed by Changmin. It suddenly gave me back memories of how so many of their songs inspired the stories I have. Reboot’s lyrics suited Crescence and Quest Ion’s story. I was so excited.

I love the concept of their outfit in Reboot and remembered how their outfits in all their past concerts in Japan were really detailed. I wanted to draw them. I thought it would be a great way to get back into drawing while fangirling.

It was so difficult choosing which outfit to draw first so I chose something simple to start with.

While drawing this, I kept wondering why I chose this photo. Changmin’s hair was so difficult to draw. I also had difficulty rendering his pose properly. XD




Notes from this drawing:

– I’m terrible at using references. I couldn’t quite follow the proper anatomy and the proper lighting. Need more practice.

– Need to practice more on drawing hair and also shoes.


Smile :)

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. 🙂

One of the best things in this world is seeing my loved ones smile. I treasure the moments I see them smile.

What makes you smile?




She says with a smile as he looks towards her.

Standing by one of the pillars near the mall entrance, he has been waiting for her for a couple of minutes. He came early and she, too, arrived five minutes earlier than the time they had agreed upon.

He gives her a nod and her smile widens as they held each other’s gazes. He, in turn, tries to remain with a neutral expression. The sun is slowly setting and both of them can see the orange tint of the late afternoon on each others faces.

She giggles behind her hand when he averts his eyes and she doesn’t fail to notice the tinge of red on his cheeks.

It is their first date and the two of them are a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Conrad Manila, Philippines | 5.2018


Today, I saw a white moon pasted on a clear blue sky hovering just above a mountain of lush trees.

Today, I saw a flock of birds flying out from the field and gliding with the wind in a beautiful form of arc as they greeted the morning with a chirp.

Today, I saw butterflies hopping from flower to flower and dragonflies playing hide and seek across the daisies.

Today, I saw wide smiles from young children and red puffy cheeks as they mixed laughter with smoothies.

Today, I saw the sun paint the sky pink and orange as it slowly hid itself from its blanket of ocean.

Today, I saw the bright yellow and red lights from the Tokyo Tower as it glimmered against the dark black sky.

Today, I saw hundreds of girls show their hearts and show their smiles upon seeing people that make their days brighter.

Today, I saw a young man walked with a gust of confidence, his gaits as if he owned hundreds and thousands of hearts.

Today, I saw a group of singers warmly welcomed by people who supported their backs all throughout their hardships.

Today, I saw nature in its artful form, and people with happiness painted on their faces.




I saw a guy named Yoochun.


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